Welcome to my blog. I’ve been wanting to start one for awhile, and well here it is. I’ll start by letting you know that you’ll see a little of everything on here. I have  a lot of interest in a lot of different things. Lets start with the fact that this is my senior year and last semester before I get my Bachelor’s. I definitely am a mass communications major of course, I am in love with my major. I am a member of the best class, the one and only class of 2016. If you want to get a little more info about me just visit the about tab and catch a glimpse of all this beautiful.



The just of what you need as a journalist.

There are so many tools a journalist will need to have in this competitive industry. Let’s list the most important ones:

  • Photography skills: Journalists need to be able to take good photos. A photo could help or hurt your story. Photos can had the depth you need to a story, catch your readers eye or even help them with their understanding of your story.
  • Video/video editing skills: Journalists need to know how to take good video and how to use software to edit it. It would be wise to become familiar with Final Cut Pro,  iMovie and other editing softwares. Your video adds a visual aspect to your work. It should give the consumer the feeling of being there, while telling them the story.
  • Writing skills/editing: Journalists need to be able to write their story well and edit it. Poorly written work hurts your credibility. Someone may skip over your work because they don’t think it’s credible if it is written horribly. You must learn to look at your work from different points of views to edit it. Every journalist absolutely has to learn to edit.
  • Social media: Every journalist today must have working knowledge of how to use social media. Social media is way to connect with the consumers and you may be able to put out more information on social media. This allows you to connect to those you reach. Facebook and Twitter are great to start out with. They both allow you to upload videos, and make post of text and photos. Be careful how you use social media it can help or hurt you. It can help by letting you showcase who you are, but what you post can hurt you if you are looking for a job sometimes.Journalists should have their own platform to connect with their consumers. Whether it be a blog, website or social media page. This makes them seem more likable. Allows their fans to connect with them on a more personal level. Can showcase their work. This may even help them network or gain a bigger following.
  • Skills, skills, skills: Of the skills from this section I think the most important ones were to dress professionally, explore different job sites, make a website and remember your interview starts when you walk in the door.  When you arrive at an interview everyone is involved, so make sure you make a good impression as soon as you walk in. Also remember it’s good to have knowledge about alot of different things, this may determine whether you get hired or not. Try to learn about as many things as you can.

Not just video for journalist.

Video is a very important piece of journalism. It gives your consumers a feel of who you are and a look a what you can do. In some cases they get a view of who you are.  Video gives your consumers a better feel of your story. It also shows that you can organise well and is an example of your work for your portfolio. Video gives your consumers a visual and keeps their attention longer than print. For example during the storm I tweeted video of a home being flooded by a swamp near by. This gave my followers a feel of the impact of the storm.

The just of audio slideshows for journalist:

Audio slideshows is the topic of Today. For journalist an audio slideshow can add depth to a story, it gives the consumer more visuals to pair to a story. This may make the story more real to the reader. The audio on a slideshow can give them a feel of being there in the story. This gives the journalist more dimensions to their story. The pictures in the slideshow are important because they in this case are the story, and the audio is telling the pictures story as well. This also shows that the journalist can tell a story in more than one way. This is very important for a journalist, it shows diversity in their work.

Carnival rides brought to lake city for Tobacco festival:

Lake City held its annual tobacco festival this past weekend. The festival is to honor the heritage of the town. There are usually have lots of food trucks and stands, and this year the city brought out festival rides to add to the fun. Many people from the town and surrounding areas came out to join in the festivities. Pictured below is the setup of the rides.


Not just a Podcast for a Journalist

Podcast came about with the internet. With podcast journalist could get news to their consumers quickly. Podcast give the consumer time to listen to the journalist outside of regular broadcast news or newspaper articles. They allow us to put out more information that may not have been covered in the allotted time given to broadcast journalist. Podcast can also be live, which is an advantage to us because news can be reported as it happens, updates can been done in a very timely matter. Podcast can also help you interact with your listeners and get them comfortable with seeing the journalist and give you feedback. Podcast for new journalist, may even get them used to being  recorded if they have not done so before. Podcast can also make your consumers feel as if they are getting to know you better.

Not just pictures for journalist

Pictures can tell a story. They can add that detail that brings the story to life, and gives the reader or viewer a visual. Choosing pictures can be a hard task because you want it to reflect your story. Pictures can attract a person to your story. As a journalist you want to have visuals because you want to reach readers in more than one way. Pictures can help your readers understand what your trying to get across or even relate to your work better. (Below are pictures of an Indian powwow I went to last October)


Just the Pros and Cons of Blogging:

I love to write, but I must say deciding on what you want to write is my issue. I have so many ideas on what i could write about, but deciding what should go first is my problem. I like the fact that a blog can be my very own platform. Blogging is a good way to share your ideas and opinions. This blog is a also a way to get your name out there. It shows that I  can manage something successfully, and can showcase my work. It may take a while to get readers or followers that read your post regularly. Designing a blog takes a lot of time, after-all you have to make your blog worth looking at. You have to keep your blog up to date, clue your readers in on what is going on with you or what you choose to talk about; this may be hard to manage if you have a busy lifestyle (like I do). The hardest thing about blogging is trying to figure out if what your writing about is even worth reading.